Phage Evidence Collection And Annotation Network

Please cite as:
Claire A. Rinehart, Bobby Gaffney, James Dexter Wood, Jason Smith. PECAAN, a Phage Evidence Collection And Annotation Network. (2016) https://discover.kbrinsgd.org/login

PECAAN was designed to allow a network of genome annotators, reviewers, and quality checkers, to view the same gene evidence during the gene annotation process. Supporting evidence for gene start sites and potential functions can be check-marked and all entries are recorded in a change-log. Notes and functions can be entered for each gene to allow communication between users. A number of reports can be exported for further processing and submission.

Gene evidence is drawn from the following sources and stored in the PECAAN database:

Conserved Domain Database
tRNA Scan SE
Aragorn tRNA and tmRNA scan
TmHmm transmembrane prediction
TOPCONS transmembrane prediction

Account Request

PECAAN is designed for the annotation of bacterial phages and requires that users login. Login accounts can be set-up for an institution by a local Admin, PECAAN administrator. Admins will also be able to upload phages to PECAAN (see tutorials) for annotation by users within their institution.
To request an Admin account, please contact:

Claire Rinehart

and include the following information in your request:

Firstname and Lastname
email address
Institution name
Intended use
Approximate number of users

If you have questions or need help with PECAAN please email claire.rinehart@wku.edu. Also, we have included YouTube tutorials that can be used for training users on how to use PECAAN.